SWOTTR is an advanced, cloud-based learning platform for students of all fields of learning. It is device agnostic and language independent. Algorithms using artificial intelligence customize learning for each individual student. SWOTTR does not require any setup or special devices and works with a basic internet connection and a basic internet access device.

SWOTTR is the result of 3 years of hard research and development by our team of experts and is expected to be in a constant state of enhancement. It provides an excellent virtual ecosystem that offers well organized learning materials, unlimited, customized practice tests created using artificial intelligence, as well as a social platform that allows students to interact, group and compete with their peers across geographical locations. SWOTTR is scalable beyond a 100 million users and provides an interactive environment that stimulates competition among students and becomes an invaluable learning tool.

Being cloud-based, no downloads or software or hardware setup is required to start using SWOTTR. A fluid and flexible framework ensures low costs of delivery of content and functionality, thus ensuring that our state-of-art offering is affordable for students from every section of the society.